Great Works (Spring 2022)

Time: Mondays 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Location: Gates 310 (Zoom link sent to PLDG mailing list)
Organizers: Priya Srikumar and Noam Zilberstein

This is a 1-credit seminar that meets every week to discuss classic papers in programming languages adjacent fields. Great works is a discussion-focused reading group. We expect participants to read the papers and attend the seminar.

Reading Protocol

Presenters should work with the organizers to figure out which parts of the paper they will focus on. The confirmation for reading with any additional materials goes out a week before on the PLDG mailing list:

To join, send a message to with the subject “join” and a blank body.

Presenting Papers

The expectation is that people have read the papers. The focus should be discussions and not a full presentation of all the topics in the papers. Aim for 25-30 minutes and try to weave in discussion questions throughout your presentation.

Getting Papers

Paper titles are hyperlinked to PDFs available on the web. If a link is broken, open an issue at the Github repo for this website, or find a working link and make a pull request.

Date Topic Presenter(s)
01/24 Organization and Paper Assignments Priya & Noam
01/31 Go To Statement Considered Harmful Noam Zilberstein
02/07 SELF: The Power of Simplicity Yulun Yao
02/14 “Sometimes” and “Not Never” Revisited: On Branching Versus Linear Time Temporal logic Jialu Bao
02/21 The Differential Lambda Caclulus Oliver Daids
02/28 Feb Break
03/07 Monads for Functional Programming Silei Ren
03/14 The Formulae-as-Types Notion of Construction Leon Witzman
03/21 Cancelled
03/28 Proof of a Program: FIND Obinna Abii & Angela Lau
04/04 Spring Break
04/11 Proof Carrying Code Karuna Grewal
04/18 The Groupoid Interpretation of Type Theory Keri D’Angelo
04/25 On the Expressive Power of Programming Languages Ian Arawjo
05/02 On Understanding Data Abstraction, Revisited Rolph Recto
05/09 The Power of Interoperability: Why Objects Are Inevitable Sophia Roshal